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We can help you take advantage of the energy deregulation movement by showing you how to qualify for the lowest rates
for gas and electric energy.

Quinn & Feiner is the region’s largest, independent and fully licensed Energy Service Company. We can reduce your energy costs with competitive pricing for deregulated gas, electric and oil. We’re rebate specialists for lighting, HVAC and energy projects.

We can provide utility sponsored performance programs where the total cost of new HVAC and lighting equipment could be paid for from the energy cost savings that the new equipment would generate for you without any capital investment.


Quinn & Feiner, an affiliate of T.M.Bier & Associates, is an authorized representative of TAC systems. TAC building automation controls can be integrated to control variable speed drives, time and occupancy based lighting controls, ventilation, humidity and other major components that maximize the efficiency of your building, temperature and security functions from a single computer workstation.

Installation of building automation controls in your HVAC system will ensure your equipment operates efficiently and cost effectively by providing you with maximum cost savings that result from lower utility costs and increased equipment life.

Further integration of other building controls provides additional efficiencies which result in increased productivity and reduced maintenance staff costs.


Increase the security of your environment, reduce your personal and property losses, and cut overhead with the latest technologies. Closed-circuit television, video surveillance, access control, biometric access and intrusion detection systems can be engineered as stand alones or as part of a comprehensive, integrated network.


Quinn & Feiner Service Co. are indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists. We can design and install ventilation systems that can dramatically improve your indoor air quality. Air quality monitoring for CO, CO2, nitrogen dioxide and other harmful elements can be installed as a stand alone unit or integrated into your HVAC system to trigger controls as required.

Quinn & Feiner can diagnose the presence of a problem and offer you an effective, permanent solution. We cure the problem, not treat the symptom.

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